Principal's Message

Colleen Martin
Report Cards
The 1st quarter report card is enclosed with this newsletter. We average the 1st and 2nd quarter grades to generate the semester grade, which is considered permanent and goes on a student’s transcript. Teachers’ gradebooks start over with the new quarter, so it’s a good time to discuss work habits, organization and test preparedness with your child. Cleaning out the backpack and keeping graded work at home can help minimize the amount of clutter in a student’s backpack.
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences
Shoreline is committed to having a conference for every student. Students DO NOT have school the entire week of Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29). Teachers will be holding conferences on Monday (11/25) and Tuesday (11/26). Our school-wide goal is to have a conference for EACH student during these two days. Each teacher was assigned students for conferences. You and your child will be meeting with ONE of your student’s teachers. The goal of these conferences is to look at current progress, College and Career Readiness and make some short and long term goals for the future. We will be reviewing results of the CAASPP test, Accelerated Reader goals and STAR reading results, IXL Math diagnostic score and 1st quarter grades. Please be sure to return the bottom portion of your conference letter, ASAP. If parents cannot attend the conference, we still expect the student to attend (unless the parent indicates that the student is also unavailable). 
Attendance Matters
We have set a district-wide goal to maintain 97% attendance, because we based our budget and staffing on that income figure. Please monitor your child’s attendance because the learning happens in class.  Missing more than 5 days per school year will drop a student below 97%. We have been averaging 96%, for the first two months of school. It’s an improvement from last year, but shy of our goal.
Chrome Books
Please remind your 7th and 8th grade students to bring their Chrome Books, charged, every day. Chrome Books will be confiscated if a student doesn’t bring it to school charged, 3 times in one quarter.
Superintendent Focus Group - Thursday, November 7th, 8:15am-9:45am in Shoreline Library
Please consider joining Dr. Lorie Chamberland and other parents to share your feedback about how we are doing in achieving our goals for students and help us plan for the future. Refreshments, childcare and translation services will be provided.
New Calendar Input
Please be sure to respond to the parent survey about aligning our school-year calendar with Santa Cruz City Schools (Soquel, Harbor and Santa Cruz High Schools). The district needs all of your input. A paper copy (pink) is enclosed in this envelope or you can respond to the online survey.